Version 2.2

  • Fixed the following bug: DBF files were not created in case of field names having 10 characters, of which the first 8 characters are identical.

Version 2.1

  • Field names can have until 10 characters. In version 2.0, the limit was 8 characters.

Version 2.0

  • Added a form to allow users, while saving worksheets to dbf format, to set names of fields, types of fields (char or numeric), number of chars for char fields and number of digits after decimal point for numeric fields. In version 1.0, the choice was made automatically by examining the first datum found in columns.
  • Added the possibility of file association: during the first use of the Add-in, the user is asked to associate dbf files to Excel 2007 in such a way that double-clicking dbf files, the latter are opened by Excel automatically.
  • Fixed the following bug: in attempting to close Excel, when only one workbook was open, Excel did not close.
  • Fixed the following bug: the new button created in the Ribbon interface was still enabled when there was not any workbook opened.